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Programmable logic controllers for machine control

There are many good programmable logic controllers and many other types of machine control systems available but the question arises: which one is best for your application? Practical experience shows that it is mainly customised control system solutions that can sustainably increase efficiency. Kollmorgen offers on the one hand traditional programmable logic controllers but also works closely with customers in the early stages of their machine development in co-engineered projects to establish the optimal solution for their particular control requirements. In this way we have developed not only programmable logic controller based customised solutions, but a wide range of application specific solutions for machine automation in manufacturing production and test, as well as other areas such as automated guided vehicle systems.

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Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

Kollmorgen automation platform solutions offer greater efficiency throughout the entire life cycle of your machine. Our Kollmorgen Automation Suite ™ is based on a soft PLC (programmable logic controller) in a highly integrated and intuitive software programming environment as a seamless control management solution that includes HMI/MMI, I/O modules and best-in-class servo drive components.

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Kollmorgen provides innovative software solutions for programming every aspect of machine automation; from servo drive and HMI/MMI set-up to motion and machine synchronisation. Our software is designed to make a real and valuable contribution to reducing engineering and development timescales - bringing you a tangible competitive advantage with faster time-to-market and lower cost of ownership.

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Controller Hardware

Kollmorgen offers a complete selection of controller hardware for any machine architecture. Controller options include standalone units and drive-resident controllers.

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As automation systems become more sophisticated, the intensity and volume of sensor information and other machine data increases. Remote I/O from Kollmorgen includes digital and analog I/O slices, couplers, relays and other devices that are optimised for straightforward and integral use with Kollmorgen automation platforms.

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Operating and monitoring

As one of the most important parts of your machine where usability and adaptability are key factors, HMI and MMI input and display solutions from Kollmorgen range from the simple operator interfaces to sophisticated solutions that perfectly suit complex control environments. Aimed at enhancing process operability and reducing unproductive downtime, our solutions include touchscreen, function key and keypad options in a variety of sizes to meet virtually any requirements.

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KSM Safety Solutions

Kollmorgen completes the motion safety chain from sensor to drive with innovative KSM Safety solutions. Intelligent Safety functions monitor areas with hazardous motion allowing the machine to effectively intervene with minimal process interruption.

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KAS Network Cables

Kollmorgen Automation Suite ™ uses EtherCAT®, our motion bus of choice for high-speed motion-centric applications. We offer high quality Ethernet cables that ensure reliable operation with minimum network latency. Of course, we also offer a complete range of motor and drive interfacing cables and accessories for complete installation convenience.

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Discontinued Controllers

The following products have been discontinued. Please contact your Kollmorgen representative to obtain a suitable replacement.

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