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Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

Our premier machine automation solution includes all of the software and hardware you need to build truly differentiated high-performance machines with a proven and significant reduction in development times for faster time to market. They also offer improved machine performance that will increase throughput, reduce waste and much improve OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) for your customers. The Kollmorgen Automation Suite ™ includes an integrated single development environment in dedicated Panel PAC hardware as an embedded PC platform that combines graphical programming for all automation, motion, communications and HMI functions - and works seamlessly with Kollmorgen best-in-class motion components to allow designers to create high performance motion-centric automated machines. Programming is straighforward with fast and easy-to-use graphical software using our Pipe Network or industry standard IEC 61131-3 programming constructs with drag and drop function blocks for common tasks. This combines with debugging support and set-up programs, simulation modules, and many other motion and machine control functions that run on our industrial PC, PAC or panel PC based hardware.

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Motion Programming

Our graphical programming solutions help you achieve better motion, faster - whether you prefer the standards-based approach of PLCopen for motion or the modular, drag-and-drop approach of our innovative Pipe Network™ programming environment. 

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Automation Programming

Kollmorgen Automation Suite supports the industry-standard IEC 61131-3 PLC programming toolkit, so you can supplement your existing knowledge base with our auto-recognize, auto-configure, cam editor, offline simulator and other features to speed development of higher-quality applications.

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HMI Programming

Our Kollmorgen Visualization Builder™ software is part of Kollmorgen Automation Suite’s complete, integrated development environment, making it easy to create the human/machine interface, link it to your automation program and load it on your target hardware.

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PCMM Programmable Machine Controller

The PCMM™ programmable motion controller delivers a small yet powerful and cost-effective hardware platform ideally suited for modular or stand-alone machines that want the maximum in flexibility and performance.
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AKD® PDMM Programmable Servo Drive

The AKD® PDMM combines one AKD servo axis and a master controller that supports up to seven or more additional AKD axes in a single, compact package.
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 Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ includes a large selection of remote I/O slices, all configured for auto-recognition and auto-configuration within our Integrated Development Environment.

Bus Couplers and Specialty Modules

These devices include our EtherCAT Bus Coupler, Standard-Bus End Terminals, Isolation/Separation Terminals, Standard-Bus and Fused Power Feeds, and the PROFIBUS Coupler.
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Digital Inputs

We offer 4- and 8-Channel Digital Inputs.
More about Digital Inputs >>

Digital Outputs

These 0.5A Digital Outputs are available in 4- and 8-channel versions.
More about Digital Outputs >>

Analog Inputs

4 and 8-Channel Analog Inputs at are available in 0 to+10V and 0 to 20mA versions.
More about Analog Inputs >>

Analog Outputs

We offer 4- and 8-Channel Analog Outputs with a choice of 0 to 20mA or 0 to 10V signaling, as well as a 2-Channel Analog Output at 0 to 20mA.
More about Analog Outputs >>

Thermocouple Inputs

These inputs offer a choice of two or four terminals that allow direct connection of thermocouples.
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Relay Output

This 2-channel output terminal has two single-contact relays connected to the power contacts, which are suitable for use up to 230 VAC.
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Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ Visualization Builder

Kollmorgen Visualization Builder™ is our graphical tool for building the software that defines the human machine interface.
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Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ HMI

Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ includes HMI panels that are simple to program with the display and input capabilities you need for practically any job.
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We supply the highest-quality Ethernet cables for reliable, low-latency connections on the EtherCAT® motion bus, as well as for connecting HMI panels over ModBus TCP.
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Training Services

Our extensive training services foster expertise in many aspects of motion control and automation. We offer onsite and offsite training, including web-based courses and live classroom instruction. A specialized training kit gives students hands-on experience with controllers, AKM™ servo motors and AKD™ drives. Courses are currently available in IEC 61131 programming, PLC solution architecture, HMI development and motion control, and we can create custom courses to suit your  needs.

Co-Engineering Services

Outsourcing the development of application-specific function blocks and motion code can help you keep your limited resources focused on business development and customer service. But you need a provider who fully understands the nature of your market and your unique application requirements. Naturally, our engineers have the deepest expertise in Kollmorgen solutions, but they also offer the greatest breadth of industry and application knowledge, with decades of experience spanning every major industry that depends on advanced motion.




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