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Kollmorgen’s AKM®2G Series Servo Motors

The latest generation of synchronous servo motors from Kollmorgen feature design sizes with performance levels between 0,3 and 10 kW. With continuous torque increases of up to 30% versus traditional servos, Machine builders and OEMs can substantially increase machine throughput and proficiency without increasing the mounting size of the motor. AKM2G is also designed to support a wider array of standard options including: feedback, brake, thermal sensor and seal options. In addition, Kollmorgen Co-Engineering provides an optimum path to addressing non-standard and user-specific designs without sacrificing lead time or scalability.

AKM2G’s high-torque density and design flexibility are the winning formula for OEMs and Machine Builders to expand machine performance and differentiate in the marketplace.

AKM2G Servo Motor

Explore the highlighted areas to learn more about the features of the new AKM2G.
AKM2G’s wide range of sizes provide ability to optimize for either length or flange square depending on which dimension is most critical.

This optimization can lead to smaller footprint machine or space saving for other machine elements.
Reduce Machine Space
AKM2G uses the latest Speedtec and H-tec connectors, selected specifically for quality and durability, ease-of-use, and protection against EMI. Both Single and Dual cable options are available as standard.
For a given frame size the AKM2G provides an up to 30% higher continuous torque compared to competitive motors of equivalent size.

Higher torque in the same package size increases machine performance (i.e. greater throughput, reduce payload)
Increased Torque
Low-friction Shaft Seal options are available for IP65 protection. Choose from either Viton spring-lip seal for wet environments, or mineral filled PTFE seal for dry environments.
Shaft Seal Option
AKM2G is available with Endat 2.2 and Hiperface DSL Multiturn encoders, Resolver, and Kollmorgen’s plug-and-play Smart Feedback device.

Additional user-specified feedback devices are available through Co-Engineering.
Feedback Options

To provide for continuous safe operation of AKM2G series motors in demanding applications, integral thermistors are available in either avalanche (passive) or linear (data monitoring) configurations.

Thermal Device Options
What is the differences between AKM2G and AKM?
While AKM and AKM2G both leverage certain design elements and best practices in production, they are very different motor designs. The AKM2G utilizes an alternative electromagnet design, capable of increased continuous torque output per motor size. Another key difference is the motor housing. AKM uses a two-piece housing design: Front Endbell/Housing + Rear Endbell. The AKM2G uses a three-piece housing design: Front Endbell + Housing + Rear Endbell. This allows for more flexibility in offering custom mounting features without significant tooling investment.
What is Co-Engineering?
Kollmorgen has designed AKM2G and other products to swiftly translate specific OEM and Customer modification requests into custom solutions. This makes end products more competitive – driving market share and profitability. Because all our motor designs and production are designed for Co-Engineering, requests are handled swiftly and units are delivered without sacrificing scalability or lead-time. Have a modification in mind? Contact Kollmorgen today to review your AKM2G Co-Engineering request!
Can I use AKM cables with AKM2G?
AKM2G utilizes the latest product technology from Kollmorgen’s connector and cabling suppliers. The new components were specifically chosen for quality and durability, ease-of-use, and protection against EMI. AKM2G cables must be used for all AKM2G standard motor configurations. AKM-version pinouts may be offered on AKM2G motors through Co-Engineering.
Will AKM2G support safety functionality?
Yes. Safety is a function of the feedback device and if equipped, the brake. This requires that other elements of the system such as drives, controls, etc. are appropriately rated for functional safety (FS) and can work with the AKM2G functional safety elements.
Which winding should I select?
Each motor is offered in three standard windings. These windings were selected by Kollmorgen engineering to provide the best combination of speed and torque at the different standard AC voltages (120-480 Vac) while staying within the current ratings of the AKD drive family. Special windings, including special windings for Low-Voltage applications (24-80 vdc), are readily available through Co-Engineering. See all AKM2G standard windings on the AKM/AKM2G Performance Curve Generator.
Why are there two shaft seal options – Viton (V) and PTFE aka Teflon (T)?
We have found that Viton shaft seals are best suited for lubricated (wet) environments like oil filled gearboxes. In the absence of a continuously lubricated environment these would need to be lubricated on a regular schedule. If this is not possible and the environment can run dry, we recommend the PTFE shaft seal.
Can I select feedbacks other than those already available? Incremental encoders, BiSS, Optical DSL etc.?
The Kollmorgen engineering team is working hard to continue to add new options to the standard AKM2G portfolio. We expect to add several additional encoders to the AKM2G family soon, comparable to those already offered in AKM. In the meantime – we can support any unlisted feedback requests through Co-Engineering.
What is the IP rating of the AKM2G?
AKM2G is rated IP54 without shaft seal. Adding either shaft seal increases the rating to IP65.