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Fault Messages I-O Option

Valid for AKD

Operation of the SD card device built into the I/O option board may occur in some Errors. These errors are displayed in the two digit AKD LED display. The coding is E followed by four digits. The errors are shown twice in the display, They are not permanently displayed.

Fault Message/Warning Cause Remedy


SD Card is not inserted.

No SD card inserted or SD card inserted with wrong orientation.

Insert SD card with correct orientation.


SD Card is write protected.

SD card protection clip in wrong position.

Remove write protection from SD card.


SD Card hardware not installed.

No I/O option board installed or SD card device faulty.



File not found on SD Card.

SD card damaged or filename has been changed manually or deleted.



File error trying to access the SD Card.

File on SD card can't be read.



File system error accessing the SD card.

File system on SD card can't be read.

Use supported SD cards only (=> p. 1)


A parameter could not be set in the drive.




There was an error writing to a file on the SD Card.




SD Card read/write in progress.


Wait until read/write process is done.


There was an error accessing the BASIC binary file.

Basic program file couldn't be read.