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CBAUD Parameter (S300, S700)

ASCII - Command CBAUD    
Syntax Transmit CBAUD [Data]    
Syntax Receive CBAUD <Data>   Available in  
Type Variable rw   MMI Yes
ASCII Format Integer16   CANBus Object Number 3515 (hex)
DIM kBaud   PROFIBUS PNU 1621 (dec) IND = 1 (dec)
Range 10,20,50,100,125,250,333,500,666,800,1000   DPR 21 (dec)
Default 500    
Opmode All   Data Type Bus/DPR Integer16
Drive State Disabled + Reset (Coldstart)   Weighting  
Start Firmware 1.0    
Configuration Yes   Last Change of this Object 1.0
Function Group fieldbus   EEPROM Yes
Short Description Baud Rate CAN Bus


The transmission rate is required by the fieldbus (CANopen) and for the parameter setting of the servo amplifier in multi-axis systems (see the Installation Manual). You can also use the keys on the front panel of the servo amplifier to set the baud rate (see the Installation Manual).