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Speed set point via fieldbus system

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700

A speed set point shall be delivered digitally via a bus system. It must be possible to adjust the speed setpoint by an offset voltage with an analog input..


Object 297, scaling turns / 10V for analog input

Settings in the setup software

1: Velocity analog

I/O analog set point function
4: Xsoll = SW1 + SW2


A speed offset of +/- 10rpm shall be realized with analog input 2.

Scaling for analog input 2 must be set to 10rpm/10V and a scalable voltage supply of +/-10 V is wired to input 2. All further settings must be done according to the list above.

Analog input 1 must be supplied with a constant voltage in the range between 0 to 10V. Set VSCALE1 to 2 and supply 0V to input 2. Now the auto-offset function for analog input 1 can be started. The speed setpoint is given by parameter VSCAL1, scaling according to the constant voltage applied.