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Kollmorgen Automation and Motion Control - Full line catalog

At Kollmorgen, we know that OEM engineers can achieve a lot more when obstacles aren’t in the way. With direct sales, engineering support, manufacturing facilities, and distributors spanning the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, we’re close to OEMs worldwide. Our proximity helps speed delivery and lend support where and when they’re needed. Our full line catalog covers everything from servo motors to linear actuators.

14 Jun 2021
Kollmorgen TBM2G Frameless Motor Selection Guide

TBM2G motors deliver next-generation torque in a more compact electromagnetics package. Designed for direct embedding in your machine, these 48 VDC motors help you engineer each axis to be smaller, lighter, stronger, faster, smoother.

21 Jun 2022
AKM2G Low Voltage Selection Guide

Kollmorgen’s AKM family of servo motors gives you unprecedented choice and flexibility from a wide range of standard products so you can select the best servo motor for your application. From the Low Voltage motors in this Selection Guide to the broad range of AKM and AKM2G motors that support voltages up to 480 Vac, washdown, food grade, and the AKMH stainless steel hygienic motor for the toughest environments.

01 Feb 2022
科尔摩根AKM 3C 防爆伺服电机选型手册 
03 Dez 2021
08 Nov 2021
08 Nov 2021
AKMH Servo Motor Selection Guide

Designed for Fast Cleaning and Increased Uptime. The AKMH stainless steel motor is designed to meet the standards for IP69K, EHEDG, and 3A and is built with FDA approved, food-grade materials.

15 Jun 2021
Kollmorgen AKM Servomotor Selection Guide

Kollmorgen AKM Series Selection Guide - The Most Versatile Synchronous Servo Motor in its Performance Class

28 Apr 2021
Kollmorgen EKM Series Selection Guide

EKM motors are enhanced, high-performance, brushless AC servo motors for aerospace & defense applications.

22 Apr 2021
11 Jun 2020



S200 Series Brochure
14 Apr 2020
31 Aug 2018
科尔摩根AKD PDMM集成伺服驱动器与自动化控制器Flyer
13 Mai 2016
13 Mai 2016
Distributed Servo Technology - The on-site drive for the machine design of tomorrow
10 Nov 2015
Kollmorgen Motion Safety Brochure

Motion Safety: Improving Productivity with Safety in Mind

02 Okt 2015




Lineare und Rotatorische Direktantriebe

Our reputation for enabling robotic innovation continues to grow as Kollmorgen motors deliver motion to new robotic applications every year.

17 Apr 2018

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