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Herzlich willkommen beim Kollmorgen Support Network (früher KDN). Hier finden Sie Unterlagen zum Herunterladen, können Fragen stellen und einer Community beitreten



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AKD1G EtherCAT Default Interpolated Position Mode and CSP Presentation and VideosThe PowerPoint presentations may be used in tandem with its respective video which cover using TwinCAT3 and the defaults from the ESI file (Interpolated Position mode) and additionally changing the default setup for Cyclic Synchronous Position mode.
KAS v4.02 Software is now available!KAS v4.02 Software is now available!
Prashanth Morishetty
AKD2G System Configuration with Kollmorgen DDL Linear MotorsThis document shows the wiring requirements for connecting the DDL linear motors to the AKD servo drive. It also describes the setup procedure for configuring the AKD2G drive in the Workbench software.
AKD2G DS402 and Manufacturer Specific Torque and Current Setpoint and FeedbackFor AKD1G ECAT users the objects 2071h and 2077h do not exist. See the following app note for equivalents with the AKD2G ECAT drive.
S-Curve Corner Transition – Design and CalculationsThe reason the S-Curve Corner Transition was designed was due to the existing Corner Distance Transition having a discontinuity in the acceleration vector when entering the circular arc of the transition. If the axes group is travelling in a line at constant speed, the acceleration vector is zero…
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jay thomas
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