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C Wontrop's picture
C Wontrop
1 month 1 week ago

The AKD2G's various feedback options allow for incorporating up to 5 feedback devices into the drive. Occasionally the feedback is not used for servo AXIS control (a position used as a direct command or feedback to a servo axis) but used as an additional or axillary feedback signal for the motion/machine controller (PCMM, etc). The controller utilizes the position as a master or reference position. The attached application note covers the setup and scaling of this position that is sent through EtherCAT.

Joe Parks's picture
Joe Parks
3 months 2 Tage ago

AKD2G Dual Axis drives have the ability to use the new Gantry Command Source. When the Command Source is changed to 4 - Gantry, Axis2 will follow all commands sent to Axis1 (enable/disable and motion commands). This is meant to be used when there are gantry mechanics and both Axis1 and Axis2 are physically connected and sharing a load. By giving them the same motion commands at the same time ensures that they will not fight each other while connected and prevent binding of the mechanics.