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C Wontrop's picture
C Wontrop
3 months 20 hours ago


KAS application developers can combine multiple pieces of information into one variable. One example is storing the status of up to 16 items into a 16-bit Integer or INT variable.   As an example  the bits of the INT could be designated as follows:

Stefano Giacomelli's picture
Stefano Giacomelli
3 months 5 Tage ago
Users facing the tuning of an AKD2G servodrive for the first time will have to use the Workbench configuration software tool which, for novice users or users of the Servostar series drive, may confuse them given the difference in the graphical interface and the many features introduced. This note will guide you in setting a general configuration indicating the most significant parameters to be configured.
Leonardo Souza's picture
Leonardo Souza
3 months 1 week ago
Esses modelos 3D destinam-se a orientar suas atividades de projeto e podem ser usados como informações de referência. Certifique-se de consultar um especialista da Kollmorgen para garantir que você tenha as informações mais atuais e precisas para os aspectos críticos do trabalho de design.
jcoleman02's picture
3 months 2 weeks ago

The controlled motion of any given axis of a machine will require the AC mains to be dropped after completion of an emergency-stop (NEC - Category 1).  The necessary NEC stop category is determined based on the machine builder’s safety audit.  This application note is only valid for Stop Category 1. 

Dropping the AC mains, as well as other circuits, can provide the redundancies required for meeting certain safety ratings.  A time-off relay is commonly used to allow for a time delay between starting a controlled stop function and dropping the STO, HW enable, and/or AC mains, etc.

This document outlines the setup in the AKD2G to use Actions with the command buffer feature with a  time-delay to switch off the output relay (Digital Output 9) to drop AC mains power.  This can eliminate the need for an external time-off relay.