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Santa Barbara, CA - Kollmorgen introduces the new Motion Programming Script (MPS) — an easy-to-use, network-enabled implementation of a BASIC-like programming language with commands added specifically for motion control. It empowers electrical and mechanical engineers with relatively little programming knowledge to quickly write complex motion sequences and program equipment via short, easy-to-use and intuitively-named commands. The MPS is especially useful in stage gantry and robotics applications, where the need for complex motion intersects with the need for simple commands.

Ideal Programming Solution for OEMs without Sophisticated In-House Controls Group

“Frequently, OEMs have electrical or mechanical engineers who are responsible for implementing the control system on their machine. More often than not, these OEMs either underestimate the software staffing necessary, or those people who do the software are also responsible for many other aspect of the machine development. MPS allows those mechanical or electrical personnel to program the equipment themselves,” says Ross McMillan, Director of Engineering. “BASIC programs, while simple, can be very powerful, and are well suited for motion control applications. But BASIC also has a straightforward line-by-line verbose structure that allows someone with very little exposure to the language to get an immediate intuition for what's happening.”

The MPS is especially useful in stage gantry and robotics applications, where the need for complex motion intersects with the demand for simple commands. MPS requires no special code editor and can be accessed remotely through standard Telnet or a web-browser. MPS also promises hassle-free, one-step installation with online distribution and an electronic license key – no hard distribution mediums are required.

Kollmorgen is a leading provider of motion systems and components for machine builders around the globe, with over 60 years of motion control design and application expertise.

Through world-class knowledge in motion, industry-leading quality and deep expertise in linking and integrating standard and custom products, Kollmorgen delivers breakthrough solutions unmatched in performance, reliability and ease-of-use, giving machine builders an irrefutable marketplace advantage.

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