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Radford, VA - Kollmorgen introduces Pick-n-Go® - a highly flexible order picking system that streamlines any order fulfillment process for exponentially higher picking productivity and significantly reduced operating expenses. The Pick-n-Go system seamlessly integrates with existing Warehouse Management Systems and established processes, and is easily adapted to satisfy specific application needs. In most applications, the Pick-n-Go system will pay for itself in just 12 – 24 months.

“Where other automated order picking systems are extremely costly and require a completely overhauled order handling and storage process and significantly expanded warehouse size, Pick-n-Go works in the context of the existing distribution center environment with existing hardware and infrastructure. All users need to do is automate forklifts from their existing forklift supplier with the Pick-n-Go vehicle automation kit, and connect that with the warehouse management system and a Pick-by-Voice solution,” says Benny Forsman, Product Manager. “And with 35 years experience, a market share of 30% and an installed based in excess of 15,000 vehicles, users can be confident knowing that with Kollmorgen, they are partnering with the world’s leading provider of driverless control solutions.”

Kollmorgen guarantees a minimum 60% order picking productivity improvement, with the exact productivity gain in a given warehouse determined in a joint pre-study, and measured before and after implementing Pick-n-Go. Kollmorgen continuously logs the performance of the system, and evaluates it on a regular basis. If actual productivity is below the target, Kollmorgen performs a root cause and countermeasure process free of charge.

In distribution centers, picking is the biggest cost driver due to labor dependency. With Pick-n-Go, the picker simply follows the forklift step-by-step, effectively eliminating all non-productive activities such as jumping on and off forklifts, or fetching empty pallets.

Pick-n-Go significantly increases productivity by streamlining the order picking process. With Pick-n-Go, red boxes represent retained steps, while white boxes represent eliminated steps. (Click to view image)

Not only will this result in up to 100% higher picking productivity, but it can also reduce picking mistakes and potential damage to goods, pallets and racks, and lessen the risk of work-related injuries. Because running is optimized and automated, and driving speed is controlled, forklifts equipped with Pick-n-Go also use less energy and last longer, and eliminate the threat of potential collisions with pickers or other forklifts.

A simple process defines warehouse operations equipped with Pick-n-Go. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) sends the customer order to the picker and forklift simultaneously. The picker receives information about the order via a headset (Pick-by-Voice), and a forklift is automatically placed in the right position with forks at the right height where the picker efficiently and ergonomically places the item(s) onto the pallet. A new order line is then sent from the WMS, and the forklift automatically travels to the next position, followed by the picker. When the pallet nears capacity, the system automatically sends a new forklift with an empty pallet to the picker. When the forklift with the full pallet goes to the dispatch area, the picker never has to leave the picking area and continues to work on the next order without interruption.

To get a more tangible idea of how much a given warehouse operation could save with Pick-n-Go, warehouse managers can enter a few basic parameters about their operation into the Pick-n-Go value calculator, and get an immediate answer on potential savings. Contact Kollmorgen to request an in-depth analysis and ROI calculation, and/or schedule a no-obligation on-site demonstration.

Kollmorgen is a leading provider of motion systems and components for machine builders around the globe, with over 60 years of motion control design and application expertise.

Through world-class knowledge in motion, industry-leading quality and marketshare, and 35 years of proven performance in driverless control technology, Kollmorgen continues to deliver breakthrough driverless control solutions unmatched in performance, reliability and ease-of-use, giving warehouse operations an irrefutable marketplace advantage. Kollmorgen technology and expertise was integral to the world’s first:
• Automobile production plant with driverless vehicles (Volvo, Sweden, 1972)
• Laser-guided vehicle (Tetra Pak, Singapore, 1990)
• Pick-n-Go system (Marktkauf, Germany, 2007)
• Driverless vehicle with 16 controlled wheels (Posco Steel, South Korea, 2009)

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