• Welcome to Blog in Motion!

    अप्रैल 01, 2014, by Ray Butler

    WELCOME to the Kollmorgen Blog. My name is Ray Butler, and I am a believer in “Motion Matters”. I am also someone who you would categorize as a user (reader, researcher, downloader, purchaser) of the web, but until now, not someone who contributes any content.

    Kollmorgen, on the other hand, has been adding information and knowledge to the great web based world for many years. We have a website with technical documentation and white papers. We also connect with you through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and our blog. If Motion Matters to you, we are trying to reach you in many different ways and provide you information.

  • How Many Years Does It Take to Move a Pinball Machine Inside?

    नवम्बर 27, 2015, by Emily Blanchard

    It sat outside for over a year, the very large wooden crate that looked like a step stool for a giant. The folks taking breaks occasionally would question what was in it. But at some point it just became the thing sitting out on the porch. Then one day we decided to open it, so off the back came

  • Cooperation Between Industry and University - An Update

    जनवरी 22, 2016, by Bob White

    There has been a long standing cooperation between Industry and Academics throughout the recent centuries. Just look at the companies that pop up near Universities - like the Route 128 corridor near MIT, or Silicon Valley's influence by Stanford, UCB and UCSF. Every major research university houses a "technology park" filled with start-ups incubating their new ideas and inventions. But it's not just the entrepreneurs that latch on to collaboration with academics. Established firms also find it beneficial to work with universities on various projects of interest, especially where an emerging industry may be getting ready to take off.

  • Let's Back Up a Minute

    मार्च 04, 2016, by Jimmy Coleman

    Most of us have been there at one point or another…..wishing we had a backup copy of something. Whether it’s contacts on a cell phone or a program file in a motion controller, data is important and valuable.

  • AKD BASIC - Is It Really That Basic?

    मार्च 18, 2016, by Bob White

    There is a nostalgic group out there thinking about when they first were introduced to the BASIC language. BASIC? What is that? Kind of like today when you say album or 45, or even vinyl – certain “younger” folk will look at you and say “whhaatt?” – after they pull the ear buds from their ears and pause there MP3 players. BASIC – Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instructional Code. I first used Basic to program a computer back in 1976, and it had already been around for over 10+ years at that point.

  • Whatever Happened to the Pacific Scientific Brand?

    अप्रैल 01, 2016, by Josh Inman

    All those permanent magnet DC motors, synchronous motors, servo motors, servo drives, stepper drives, oh yeah, and remember the great stepper motors they offered? The one stepper motor was a weird shape. It was octagonal where others are square or round. Hard to forget that one!

  • New and Interesting Applications deriving benefits from Servo Technologies

    अप्रैल 15, 2016, by Scott Evans

    Moore's Law has long applied to advancements in technology-based industries. Servo- and Automation have benefited particularly from exponential advancements in memory as well as processing power, and most recently, astounding gains in sensor technology performance vs. price. Here is one definition of a servo system that I will use to limit the scope of what I share in this and future blog posts.

  • There are 8 of Them and They Both Begin With "H"

    मई 13, 2016, by Emily Blanchard

    What is a laughable offense to the public is a representation of the hidden challenges behind packaging and automation. Sure, the package was mostly correct, it contained 8 buns, they were pre-sliced, and odds are pretty good that the two products weigh the same. The package is at least see-through, so as a consumer, you still know what you're buying. But what if it was a bottle of 50mg heart medication that actually contained tablets of 100mg medication?

  • Food Recall Hits Close to Home

    फरवरी 17, 2017, by Emily Blanchard

    On February 21st, a recall for a soft cheese was issued due to high amounts of Listeria monocytogenes. Virginia and Maryland have been investigating the products from the manufacturer, but the sad truth is there has been a death associated with this disease.

  • 3 Key Reasons for NOT Taking Shortcuts for Motor Repairs

    मार्च 03, 2017, by Paul Coughlin

    Brushless AC servo motors and also stepper motors have long life spans, which are largely due to the lack of wearing components.

  • The Story of the Sphere

    अप्रैल 28, 2017, by Emily Blanchard

    And at Kollmorgen we do that. But the reality is we have to think about inside the box. It’s our job to protect inside the box. Our OEMs need us to be ever conscious of inside the box so that the box works and is dependable.

  • Optimize your step motor solution

    मई 12, 2017, by Josh Bellefeuille

    We are excited to introduce the launch of a brand new product selection tool – Kollmorgen Stepper Optimizer. Optimizer provides multiple ways for you to discover which of our stepper motor works best in your application.

  • What is horsepower and how is it utilized with servo motors

    जून 23, 2017, by Hurley Gill

    Question: What is horsepower (hp) and how is it utilized with servomotors?

  • How to Calculate RMS Torque

    फरवरी 07, 2017, by Hurley Gill

    Question: How do I calculate RMS Torque for a given axis motion profile in my application?

  • What Does TENV (Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated) Mean?

    सितम्बर 29, 2017, by Emily Blanchard

    Question: What does TENV mean in regard to a servo motor?