With the industry’s most advanced components and system solutions, Kollmorgen delivers unmatched flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the electric lift truck market. Our holistic offerings include motors, motor controllers, master controllers and displays with a common architecture and interface to ensure easy integration and operational excellence. Additionally our industry-leading diagnostics help keep your electric and hybrid vehicles performing safely and efficiently, year after year. 

Kollmorgen’s global footprint allows us to manufacture components in and for the regions where you build your trucks—reducing currency risk, ensuring reliable supply, and responding to local requirements throughout North America, Europe and Asia. We also offer full in-region and for-region engineering and product support. So you can be quicker to market, at a lower cost, with the key features and services that make a real difference to your customers—across vehicles and around the globe.

Better performing, more efficient vehicles

Kollmorgen’s AC systems offer precise feel, smooth direction changes, superior electrical efficiency and regeneration, and minimal maintenance. These features allow reduced battery sizes, longer operating times and increased vehicle ranges. And Kollmorgen engineering means that lift trucks can be more compact and reliable, with fewer parts and less downtime.

Seamless integration

Kollmorgen offers a complete set of flexible building blocks and engineering support to enable seamless integration of your vehicle’s traction, lift, steering and vehicle controls. Our global team of application engineers will help you accelerate product innovation and time to market—supporting you through the entire vehicle lifecycle from project initiation to end of series production. So you can be quick to market today, and easily add functionality tomorrow.

A reliable high-volume, long-term supplier

Kollmorgen is the one supplier equipped to meet the strict requirements of major lift truck manufacturers worldwide. Backed by decades of experience, driven by the kaizen-based methods of the Danaher Business System, and supported by a global supply and service footprint, we offer the highest quality, in the volumes you need, on time and at the right price.

ACS Gen6 Family Medium

ACS and ACD Controllers

Our low-voltage pump and traction motor controllers are available in voltages, power ranges and sizes to suit the requirements for electric fork lift applications. These rugged, fully programmable controllers support CANopen communications and a choice of direct digital/analog I/O.

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TSP and TSW Series

Kollmorgen AC induction motors are efficient, durable and maintenance-free, lowering vehicle lifetime costs while providing superior acceleration, braking and battery utilization. The TSP Series uses an open-frame construction, while the TSW Series adds a steel-wrapped housing.

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Vehicle Master Controllers

Kollmorgen’s powerful and flexible controller enable electric vehicle manufacturers to concentrate on their core competencies, developing vehicles with unique capabilities and bringing them to market faster. We also offer vehicle service tools that simplify configuration and maintenance of CANopen-based systems.

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