In-City Transportation Solutions

Manufacturers of commercial electric and hybrid vehicles need a partner who can deliver flexible, reliable and efficient systems – on time, in the quantities they need, in the regions where they work. Kollmorgen has the proven technology, backed by the most extensive global manufacturing and distribution capabilities.
With more than 15 years of experience in AC vehicle components, we power Europe’s most successful commercial hybrid vehicle transportation program. And we can offer the in-region supply and support you need for manufacturing of parallel hybrid, serial hybrid and all-electric vehicles, as well as utility vehicles that depend on electrical propulsion.

The performance advantages of a custom product at the cost of a standard platform

There’s no need to compromise on the performance of your specialized application, or to take on the extra cost and risk of a customized solution. Kollmorgen’s complete, integrated platform provides off-the-shelf pricing and availability, while adapting easily to meet the functional requirements of all your vehicles. Our ability to match your specific needs with solutions from a standard product family ensures a custom fit with superior value.

Greater system efficiency for increased range and economy

Your hybrid vehicles can use less fuel. Your all-electric vehicles can run longer between charges. Your lifts and utility vehicles can do more work. Kollmorgen systems are the most efficient available, extending electric vehicle range by up to 12 percent. We also have the expertise in both electrical machinery and power inverters to help you reach maximum system efficiency. It’s not just a matter of choosing each component based on its efficiency alone. Instead, it requires understanding how components and software work together as a system. That’s the knowledge and the complete-system optimization you get only with Kollmorgen.

Superior field testing and proven deployments for assured reliability

More than one million Kollmorgen-powered electric and hybrid systems are already in service. Kollmorgen’s electromechanical expertise for permanent-magnet motor and generator technology is unrivaled. And with our latest software platform, our vast knowledge of both high and low voltage products allows us to deliver optimized control systems that substantially improve vehicle quality while minimizing your development and manufacturing risk.

Only one supplier does it all

With decades of experience, driven by the kaizen-based methods of the Danaher Business System, and supported by a global supply and service footprint, we offer the highest quality, in the volumes you need, on time and at the right price.

AKH Generator Medium

AKH Hybrid Electric Motor/Generators

Specifically designed for the heavy automotive segment, our AKH motor/generators provide optimum efficiency for your application through custom-like configurability with off-the-shelf pricing and delivery.

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ACH Inverters Medium

ACH Inverters

The big brother to our highly successful low-voltage platform, we created the ACH Series to meet the power and performance needs of heavy-duty commercial hybrid and electric vehicles. It’s available in 300–650Vdc versions with peak currents exceeding 500A.

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