Truck Service Tool (TST)

The Truck Service Tool is a user-friendly PC-based software application plus a USB-to-CAN interface for managing forklifts and other CANopen® based electric vehicles. TST is designed to meet the complex management needs of almost any vehicle that relies on CAN communications. It can be used across the vehicle lifecycle, from design, commissioning, production and customized delivery to ongoing service and maintenance.

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Contact Us
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  • Setup and diagnostics of vehicle parameters
  • List of parameter values for customization of each vehicle model
  • Built-in user access levels with the ability to enable/disable protection of data for different users
  • Reports for error logs, user settings, hour meters and more to simplify diagnostics and service
  • Graphical view indicating the status of products throughout the vehicle
  • Version control to ensure compatibility for safe maintenance of software and parameters
  • Service Wizard automates and secures software upgrades/updates, and can be used to view service instructions and electronic change orders
  • Simple, reliable CANopen® communications
  • Download of device software to ACS, VMC20, VMC30 and other Kollmorgen electric vehicle products
  • Expert parameter browser for diagnostics and setup (EPF Explorer)


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