HST Handheld Service Tool

The Handheld Service Tool provides CANopen® connectivity and a menu system for performing diagnostics, setup and software updates for electric vehicles. Fully configurable parameters allow you to build a complete service solution for vehicle systems incorporating our ACS and ACD motor controllers, as well as most other CANopen-based products.

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Contact Us
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  • Menu system can be configured for up to 30 menus with up to 30 parameters in each menu
  • 4 user levels for system access by different types of users (engineer, service, etc.)
  • Built-in limit functions display user-friendly messages when values are out of normal range
  • Grid view for showing error logs in rows and columns
  • Multiple parameter sets to simplify performance mode setup
  • Configurable odometer functions for trip meter and statistics
  • Status view for active errors and warnings
  • Rugged design
  • Configurable startup splash bitmap for custom logotypes
  • Support for service, diagnostics and downloading of software using our Truck Service Tool



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