Vehicle Controls

Kollmorgen’s powerful and flexible control systems enable electric vehicle manufacturers to concentrate on their core competencies, developing vehicles with unique capabilities and bringing them to market faster. We also offer vehicle service tools that simplify configuration and maintenance of CANopen® based systems.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Controls - Kollmorgen

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Controls

Our NDC8 platform is a complete, general-purpose control solution for automatic forklifts and other AGVs. This application-independent, scalable solution is easy to integrate with existing vehicle designs as well as host systems and material handling solutions.

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VMC30 Electric Controller - Kollmorgen

VMC 30 Master Controller

Our next-generation master controller system enables cost-effective control for forklifts and other industrial electric vehicles. Connected via the CANopen® bus, it provides a programmable, extensible solution for central control of traction, steering, lifts, hydraulic valves, auxiliary equipment and more.

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VMC 20 Master Controller

The VMC20 is a general-purpose controller for electric vehicles that communicate using the CANopen® protocol. With its analog and digital I/O and communications capabilities, the VMC20 is well suited for managing truck motion, I/O, operator controls and displays.

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Handheld Service Tool

The Handheld Service Tool provides CANopen® connectivity and a menu system for performing diagnostics, setup and software updates for electric vehicles. Fully configurable parameters allow you to build a complete service solution for most CANopen-based vehicle systems.

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Electric Truck Service Tool - Kollmorgen

Truck Service Tool

The Truck Service Tool is a user-friendly PC software application plus a USB-to-CAN interface for managing forklifts and other CANopen® based electric vehicles. TST can be used across the vehicle lifecycle, from design, commissioning, production and customized delivery to ongoing service and maintenance.

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