Vehicle Motor Controllers

An AC motor controller (inverter) converts DC battery power or generator power in a hybrid vehicle, into three phase rotating AC current suitable for efficiently powering an AC motor. Kollmorgen vehicle motor controllers are capable of powering asynchronous induction AC motors as well as synchronous PMAC motors, brushless DC motors and synchronous reluctance motors.

Kollmorgen is the leading global supplier of AC vehicle motor controllers suitable for integration in a wide variety of battery and hybrid vehicles. With a rugged design suitable for the demanding environment in a vehicle, Kollmorgen motor controllers achieve industry leading quality and reliability through superior design and manufacturing processes. Software quality is ensured by utilizing design processes designed to measure up to the demanding Automotive-SPICE™.

With an ample selection of voltages, power levels, I/O and feature sets, Kollmorgen’s vehicle motor controllers are well matched against the vehicle manufacturer’s need for traction, hydraulic, and steering control in an electric vehicle design. Kollmorgen’s extensive experience of integration into both industrial vehicles such as forklift trucks or golf carts, as well as on-road vehicles such as buses or refuse trucks has resulted in a unified controls platform. The features and functionality of the platform is shared across the entire Kollmorgen vehicle motor controller line-up.

The Kollmorgen controllers allow the vehicle motors to always operate at their optimal efficiency for a given speed/torque point by utilizing state of the art flux vector control. Additionally, the controller firmware supports many of the commonly desired features in an electric vehicle, such as configurable regenerative braking behavior, hill-hold, Best Performance Curve, etc. The common PLASMA software platform has support for the commonly used J1939 and CANopen communication protocols and furthermore allows extensive functional customization for optimal integration into a vehicle.

ACS Series Electric Vehicle Controller - Kollmorgen

ACS Series Vehicle Controllers

These 24-80V controllers are ideal for powering pump and traction applications in medium to large vehicles. Now in its sixth generation, the AC Superdrive (ACS) Series builds on our longtime, global experience to set new standards of quality, reliability, adaptability and cost.

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ACD Vehicle Motor Controller for Steering Applications


These compact controllers are suitable for use in steering applications as well as hydraulic and traction control for smaller vehicles. Built-in I/O capabilities accommodate the requirements of simpler vehicles without the need for a master controller.

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ACH Series Vehicle Inverter

ACH Series Vehicle Inverter

The ACH200 three-phase hybrid drive is designed with the features and specifications to meet the requirements of larger hybrid vehicles. Built for ease of integration and rugged use, these controllers deliver a wide, constant power range thanks to our advanced field-weakening technology.

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